Passion, people and progress: Why we do what we do

The story behind the purpose

When it comes to articulating the purpose behind a company founded on passion, it invariably takes you on an engaging and enlightening journey. It forces you to reappraise why exactly you exist and crucially, what difference it would make to the world if you weren’t around.

At Phase 3, our story has always been personal. Our founder Alex Cooke experienced family loss at a young age and so the foundations of Phase 3 were always built on a desire to help get life-changing and life-saving treatments into the world faster. But ultimately, that is what all biotech organizations and their supporting partners are striving for, so we needed to establish what it is we do to play our part in this amazing industry. How we approach it differently and more importantly, how we can create a real positive impact.

We set ourselves three questions, and the answers to these underpin our purpose today.

What are we genuinely good at?

As an independent, people led business, our strengths lie in relationship building. We are a down to earth and passionate team of people who are led by our core values of empathy, integrity and collaboration. These values sit at the heart of everything we do, guide our culture and align our behaviours.

The relationships and partnerships we have built, between both individuals and organizations are longstanding and successful. This is due to our core strength of knowing what makes a good partnership and consistently delivering against these values.

What do we care about?

We care about creating positive outcomes, for both the individuals and organizations we partner, but also the wider biotech industry and world around us.

When we facilitate the creation of a new partnership, success for us doesn’t stop there, it’s what happens as a result of that partnership that really matters. We want it to be life changing, not just for those we bring together in terms of personal and organizational progress, but for the people who benefit from the treatments that result from those partnerships. 

What does the world need right now?

As evidenced by the current Covid-19 pandemic, getting lifesaving treatments to the people who need them as soon as possible is still challenging, despite the current innovations in technology and science.

We believe getting treatments into the world faster requires the world’s most progressive and ambitious biotech organizations finding and partnering with the worlds most talented life sciences leaders. When the right partnerships happen, built on a mutual desire to be ambitious, bold and innovative, then we will do better for the biotech industry.  

So answering these questions brings clarity to defining our purpose and answering the all-important of why we exist. And that is, to create life changing partnerships.

We have launched our purpose with a huge sense of pride, and we look forward to delivering against it as we move into the next phase of our journey to do better for biotech.

To find out more about how we can help you find your next partnership, get in touch today

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