Alex Cooke

CEO and Founder

Alex is our founder and CEO. His career and experience spans continents and having grown up in England, he is now settled and feels that San Diego is home.

His passion for biotech stems from a personal loss at a very young age. He formed Phase 3 to help accelerate medical advancements and ensure that what could have been prevented is now preventable for others.

His vision for the search, leadership development and the biotech industry as a whole is to give people a voice and do better for all.

 From traveling the world as a musician, to international dedicated visionary, he is still learning and exploring new ways to anticipate and navigate the biotech world, its challenges and diversity.  When he isn’t juggling the perils of human capital management, and creating partnerships across the world, you’ll find him dreaming up new dishes in the kitchen, playing beach volleyball, or woodworking.

“I believe leaders are a company’s greatest asset. They are the cultural champions that set the standard of excellence, they are the bridge that connects company mission to patients, they are the ones that, by example, will enable a team to pull together and deliver the innovations that saves lives”.


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