Personal Service

How we work and what matters to us

Our ambition is that we help to bring life-saving treatments to the people who need them faster. We can achieve this if we bring together the world’s leading life sciences talent and progressive biotech organizations, in a partnership that suits the ambitions of both parties.

To do this we first work with each organization to gain a deep understanding of the organizational culture and processes, which helps us understand what type of individuals will be needed to deliver their desired impact and results. We then use that insight to create a target talent profile and bespoke talent sourcing strategy, that works to the specific budget and timings of the organization.

At the same time, we work closely with individual life sciences leaders to understand their personal and professional ambitions, in the short and long term, guiding and supporting their career trajectories. We offer support and coaching throughout our relationship and when the need arises, we look to new opportunities.

To achieve the highest standard of service and quality control, each project is owned and delivered by a dedicated Phase 3 partner from start to finish, providing the highest quality of personal service and attention. We also continually and proactively reach out to the individuals and organizations we have partnered to ensure results are being achieved and both parties are getting the most out of the new partnership. Because of this, we are proud to have many long-term relationships.

We help life sciences organizations & individuals

Executive coaching

We help life sciences leaders to understand their motivations and what fulfils them, in support of their professional development and help them secure more rewarding roles, with the right partners.

Employer brand consultancy

We help organizations define their employer offering and positioning, to attract the right type of talent with shared goals and ambitions, helping to sustain longer term partnerships.

Executive search consultancy

Pairing individuals with organizations, to help you make fast and positive progress together that will benefit the world at large. We specifically support quality and tech ops.

Our commitment to creating quality and authentic partnerships

We pride ourselves on doing business with a highly personal touch and as we have a shared purpose, you can be confident that we are starting from the same place when it comes to goals and outcomes.

Our approach is always collaborative too, so we work in partnership with you along your journey, which means being by your side for the long and short term.

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