Passion, people and progress

At Phase 3, our story is personal, much like how we do business.

As a team we are passionate and feel privileged about the opportunity we have to make a positive impact on the world around us. Every day, we see the impact that the right partnership can have on getting lifesaving treatments out into the world faster, and that’s what drives us.

As individuals we have also seen or experienced prejudice, bias or exclusivity in our own professional experiences, so we put inclusivity, empathy and collaboration at heart of how we treat those we work with and how we go about bringing organizations and life partnerships together.

“We created Phase 3 to bring greater collaboration, compassion and integrity into the how the biotech industry connects with senior life sciences leaders. For us, people come first.”

Alex Cooke

Managing Director

Meet the Team

We Put People First

At Phase 3 we believe a strong sense of collaboration, integrity and compassion are critical to creating the types of partnerships needed to drive progress, innovation and continued successful outcomes for the biotech industry. This is why we live and breathe them in the way we do business, to create our own partnerships with individuals and organizations like you.


We take time to listen and understand before we act. We put others first and are adaptive in how we work to suit different needs.


We’re upfront and honest about what we believe is right, regardless of what it means for us.


We like to work with people, not for people. Sharing ideas and responsibilities to deliver the best outcome.

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Be inspired as our founder Alex Cooke meets a diverse range of inspiring biotech leaders to provide exclusive insight into how they work, their advice for the next generation of leaders and why they believe powerful partnerships are key to getting life changing treatments out into the world faster.

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