Supporting Spark through a time of crucial transformation

As a business going through change, Spark needed a Chief Technology Officer that could support different aspects of its transformation strategy. We worked closely with all levels of the team to understand the business needs of both the C-Suite and the reporting group.

How we used effective new methods to place an exceptional leadership candidate.

Then we used a new methodology, specifically tuned for change management, to resolve misalignments and get full buy-in across the organization. This minimised the risk of delays as our search progressed.

We generated a list of quality candidates from rival companies that would complement the talents of the C-Suite. From an initial list of 394 people based across USA, EU and APAC, we prioritised the 65 candidates with the most relevant skills and experience.

Through our detailed leadership assessments, we were able to sharpen our focus on the five strongest candidates, leading to a successful hire in just five weeks.

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